Wallpaper for Windows and Glass Doors

By Verlinda Willis

I have a passion for beautiful draperies and curtains.  However, I have come to the conclusion that this style of window treatment is not a passion for everyone.  Yes, not everyone gets excited about the soft flowing voluptuous rolls of fabric gracefully draping from floor to ceiling. 

I have come into contact with those who stress they really want “something different”.  To these brave souls that meant no fabric on my window, no curtains and no draperies.   They want to keep the view of their intricate window molding as well as the view from the beautiful window.   I would have to explain the versatility and energy efficiency of blinds and the beauty of shades to no avail. Well, this request was once a real dilemma.

   Today we have many innovative products on the market and one in particular that I will focus on is the “Wallpaper for Windows and Glass Doors”.

Wallpaper for Windows is a very creative way of decorating your windows and/ or glass doors.  This wall paper is an adhesive free film that is very easily applied to the window or glass doors and sticks to any smooth surface.  Wallpaper for window is for the do-it-yourself homeowner that has that difficult project of decorating their windows and glass doors. 

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Quite often sliding glass doors and french doors are a window treatment problem. With this wallpaper you can really solve that problem. Turn Ordinary glass doors into Extraordinary glass doors. Over a dozen very affordable and easy-to-do decorating ideas to make glass doors look great. Ideas for Entry, French, Storm and Sliding Glass Doors. CLICK HERE