The Sunburst Curtain

by Vee Willis

The Sunburst Curtain is a rod pocket curtain that can be used as a window treatment on arched, round, square, hexagon, octagon, rectangular and oval windows. There are different techniques in creating this window treatment. 

This article will explain an easy method using the bendable curtain rod kit.   It is a creative style that is quite beautiful when done correctly.

Our advice is to purchase a bendable rod kit or obtain bendable tubing to successfully create this Sunburst Window Treatment.  Before purchasing your bendable curtain rod kit for the Sunburst curtain you must first:

Determine the dimensions of your window 

1. Determine the arch perimeter, (see C on diagram), by measuring the A and B (on diagram) dimensions of the window.  The rod cut length equals the arch perimeter C. 

2. Purchase clear bendable rod such as Specialty Bendable Window Hardware Kit.  This crystal clear flexible rod can be cut or spliced together to achieve the desired size.



Determine your fabric yardage and Sew the Sunburst Curtain

 The width of the panel is 2 times fullness (for sheer fabrics) and is equal to 2 x C.  Add 12 ½: to dimension B to determine fabric cut length (this is the amount of fabric you will not to cut.  The finished length of the panel is b+ 8”. Purchase sheer weight fabric.

1. Sew a ½” header at the top of the panel with a 1 ½” rod pocket at the top.
2. Sew a 1 ½” pocket at the bottom.




Install the bendable curtain rod
1. Install the clips (that comes with the bendable rod) inside the frame of the window along the arch.  It is recommended that the clips be spaced about 24”.  Install clips on each side and at the bottom of the arched window, as shown.

Installing your fabric on the bendable curtain rod

1.  Shirr the top pocket over the rod (see diagram 1).  Thread the strap (that comes with the bendable rod kit) through the bottom pocket and bunch to create a circle.  Trim the excess strap.

2. Snap the bendable rod onto the clips to fit the shape of the window.  Space and dress fabric around the arch as desired.

3. Gather the fabric in the center and wrap the second strap around the fabric that is in the center.

4.  Do not pull strap tight at this time.

5.  Pull the fabric through the center of the circle to create a pouf.  Attach the strap to cup hook or window frame.

6.  Pull any loose fabric through and tighten strap.  Trim excess strap. Be creative and dress the pouf to create a roosette.

Now you have a Sunburst Curtain!