How To Sew Rod Pocket Curtains

  After determining the yardage of fabric needed for your rod pocket curtains, as explained in the article "Measuring for rod pocket curtains" you are now ready to cut and sew your fabric.  For this example we will be using 11 yards of material as determined from our “Measuring for rod pocket curtain”  article.

Step 1 Take the fabric to a cutting table and cut the fabric into the desired number of widths and length..  Trim the salvage along the edge of each width. The salvage is the frayed edge right along the left and right side of your fabric.  Leaving the salvage on will cause your draperies to pucker. You  should have an even amount of widths on each side.
For this example we will use 4 widths (or pieces) of fabric that is 95 ½” long as determined from  “How to calculate yardage for rod pocket curtain”  article.

(If you have a small window and only using two widths of fabric, you will not be sewing widths together you can skip the previous section.)

Step 2. Take the widths that you will have on the right side of your curtain (pin together if needed) and sew a ½” seam along the outer edge to join together.  Repeat for the opposite side.  You will have the left portion of the curtain joined together and the right portion of your curtain joined together. You may use a straight stitch sewing machine or a serger.  Remember you are always sewing on the under sides(the side that does not show when the curtain is completed) of the fabric.
For this example you will have 2 widths for the right side of your curtain sewn together  and 2 widths for the left side of your curtain sewn together  with  a ½” seam along the outer edge of the under side (wrong sides) of the two widths of fabric. Repeat for the opposite side.  Thus, you will have two widths of fabric sewn together to form the left side of your curtain and two widths of fabric sewn together to form the right side of your curtain.   .

Step 3. After joining the fabric, press the seams with an iron to one side. Remember we are now working with the two pieces that are sewn together as if it is one pieces. You now have two sections of fabric which will be your left panel of curtain and your right panel of curtain.  Since we are constructing rod pocket curtains, it really does not make a difference which one is on the left or right.

Step 4. At the bottom of your panels, fold over your hem allowances twice on the left panel  and repeat for the right panel. Your fold will go toward the underside of the fabric.
For  this example, fold over a 4” hem twice (8”) at the bottom of the fabric toward the underside and press with an iron.  Repeat for the left section.

Step 5. Now we will deal with the side hems.  Lay your fabric out on a table underside (wrong side) up.  On each side of the fabric fold over 1” double fold (2”) of fabric and press.  Sew a straight stitch along the folded edge of each side.  This is your side hems.
Step 6.  Now we are ready to make the rod pocket and hem.
Place your fabric wrong side up on a table. At the top of your fabric turn over the amount you measured for the header plus the allowance for the rod pocket. Turn it again. You will have a double turn.  Do this for both panels.  Press with an iron
In this example we will turn over 1” for the header plus 1 ½” for the rod pocket.  Thus we will turn over 2 ½”.  Then, turn over 2 ½” again to equal a double 2 ½” pocket.
Press your double 2 ½” double pocket with an iron.

Step 7. Take one panel of your curtain to the sewing machine.  Sew a straight stitch along the bottom end of the crease to form the pocket. Repeat for the second panel. 
Sew a straight stitch 1” down from the top of the double fold to form the header. Repeat on the second panel.

Now you’re ready to shirr your rod pocket curtain on the rod.