Roman Shades

Beautiful Roman Shades are a great choice  if you are looking for a window treatment that is both stylish and energy efficient.  Most roman shades are made of elegant drapery fabric and lining or they may also be fabricated with natural woven woods. The choice of fabric or woven wood will affect the finished appearance of the roman shade.  The shades have a tailored appearance that enhances many interior styles and decor.   There are many different styles of roman shades,__such as flat, folded , tab top, slouched or hobbled .

Roman shades are versatile.  They can be used alone or added to draperies, curtains, valances or cornices.  Quite often roman shades are used alone.  If you do not want full draperies  and are tired of mini blinds and roller shades, roman shades just may be the answer to your window treatment dilemma.  Roman Shades are very popular today and one of the hottest window treatments in the market today. 


Roman Shade Styles

The Classic Flat Roman Shade has a tailor appearance and hangs flat when the shade is down. This flat roman shade creates soft pleats as it rolls up. This is a simple roman shade than can complement any decor when the right fabric is chosen. It is usually lined with drapery fabric or blackout lining. This shade can be embellished with a tassel trim at the bottom if desired.



The Hobbled Roman Shade has deep folds creating a waterfall appearance when the shade is in the down position. This shade has a very full look with twice as much fabric as the flat shade. This hobbled roman shade is embellished with a shirred valance. The valance is shirred on a double 2 1/2" flat curtain rod. This is a great look if you are using a solid shade fabric for the hobbled roman shade with a print fabric for the valance.



Tab Top Roman Shade is a flat roman shade with a stunning decorative cafe' rod. This style combines all of the attributes of the classic flat roman shade with beautiful drapery hardware.




Slouch Roman Shade is a soft shade with permanent round folds at the bottom. It is flat when lowered except for the bottom rounded folds. When the slouch roman shade is raised the bottom continues to gather soft folds at the bottom. This roman shade is a not a tailored shade and does take some dressing or fixing after raising and lowering. The slouch roman shade is a relax shade and should be fabricated with medium to light weight fabrics.