Measuring Window for Rod Pocket Curtains


Rod pocket curtains are a favorite traditional style curtain. This style curtain has a pocket, sometimes called a casing, along the upper edge of the curtain for insertion of a standard curtain rod.

Before beginning the task of making or purchasing rod pocket curtains it is wise to measure and determine the desired width and length of the finished rod pocket curtain.


Determining the Width

1. Measure the width of your rod.
Determine where you want your rod to be mounted, then measure the width from the side to side (record your rod width measurement).  Add on the return measurement from each side of the rod (this is the section of the rod that goes back to the wall).   The returns are usually 3 ½” or 6 ½”for each side.

Example—If your curtain rod measurement is 40” from side to side, add 3 ½ X 2 (assuming the return is 3 1/2") to equal a total of 47”.  This will be the finished width of your curtains. Record the finished width. You will need the finish width to determine the yardage of fabric needed to make your rod pocket curtains.

Determine the length

2.  Determine where you want to place your rod. It may be attached to the window frame within or at the sides of the frame, on the wall above the window frame or on the ceiling.
Measure from the top of the rod to the floor.  Deduct the amount of inches you want your curtain to clear the floor (usually its 1”-1 ½”).If you are not going to the floor with your curtains determine the desired length. This number will be your finished length.   
Example—If your measurement to the floor is 86 long (and you want your curtains to clear the floor by 1”) subtracts 1” to equal 85” long. Record the finish length for rod pocket curtains. You will need the finish length to determine the yardage of fabric needed make your rod pocket curtains.

By Vee Willis