Drapery Styles

The Pinch Pleated Drapery is a beautiful traditional style drapery that is quite popular even today. This style has pleats permanently stitched in the top portion of the drapery. pinch pleated drapery The pleats are pressed together using a crinoline or stiffener type material called buckrum. The drapes are pinched in three folds (occasionally two folds are used) at the top header of the drapery. The drapery is hung from a decorative or traverse drapery rod with drapery pins.

This style can be embellished with scalloped tiebacks to accent the french door it frames. This particular drapery sketch shown on the left was not designed to open or close. The drapery panels are placed as an accent for the french doors.

Wellington Flat panel Drapery is a pair of flat panel draperies that are not gathered or pleated. This drapery style is not designed to open and close. It is use as a stationary drapery to frame a window. Drapery pins or rings are used to attach to a decorative cafe curtain rod. This style can be used in a elegant or casual decor. However, is often used in a casual setting.


Grommet Top Curtains is a curtain style with round grommet holes in the top of the curtain. The grommet are available in may different sizes. A very popular style today is to have a decorative cafe rod go through the grommets. No drapery pins are needed. This is a contemporary and casual style. Grommet curtains in the right color will give you room the pizzazz it needs to brighten your decor.

Rod Pocket Drapery is a traditional, very simple, curtain style that is most often used in a casual setting, but if complimented with the right fabric can be quite elegant. The rod pocket can be fabricated in different sizes to accommodate the type of curtain rod used. The rod pocket drapery style shown here is shirred over a wood decorative drapery rod

Flowing Draperies are a popular drapery style today. This style does not have pleats, folds or a pocket. It droops and for a cone between the drapery rings which gives it a distinctive unique style.It hangs on a decorative rod from a ring. It loses its droopy effect when closed. It generally used to frame the window as stationary drapery panels. This is a beautiful drapery that shows well with a decorative rod. This style show best in a casual decor.

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