Choosing the Right Curtain Rods

By Vee Willis

Curtain rods are indeed an intricate part of a window treatment if you intend to decorate your windows with curtains or draperies.  Selecting the correct hardware for your drapery is just as important as selecting the right fabric, color and style of the window treatment.

There are many different types of curtain and drapery hardware which serve various functions.   The functions and effects of the curtain and drapery rod must be considered before the hardware is chosen.   Before purchasing curtain or drapery rods and hardware for your curtains and drapery you should consider such things as;   how many layers of window treatment you want on one window.  It is quite common and proper to have a valance with drapery, valance with sheer, or drapery with valance and curtains.

You should determine whether you will need a combination rod, a single, double or triple curtain rod. The size and projection of the rod is an important consideration.  These are all issues that should be considered before purchasing a curtain rod to save you time and money.


Curtain Rods

The traditional single curtain rod is a basic rod and its function is to support a rod pocket stationary curtain.  This rod is available in 1 ½”-5 ½” projection and adjust to various widths from 18”-120” wide. The best quality are the lock seam curtain rods because the seams of the metal are coated inside and out with no exposed edges to snag curtains.

The double curtain rod was created to support a two layered window treatment.Both the outer and inner layers of curtain or valance must have a rod pocket to allow for easy insertion of the rod.  The outer rod projects 3 ½” and inner rod project 2 ½” on most double curtain rods.

The triple curtain rod was created to support a three layered window treatment.  All three layers must have a rod pocket to allow for easy insertion of the rod.  The pocket is usually ½”-1 wider than the actual thickness of the rod.  The triple curtain rods usually have a 1 ½” projection for the inner rod, 3 ½” projections for the middle section, and 5 ½” projection for the outer section.

The Traverse Drapery Rod is a common traditional drapery hardware that supports draperies that will open and close. The traverse rod has little plastic pegs with holes (called slides) that move from left to right which allow your draperies to open and close. Draperies are attached to the slides with drapery hooks. The hooks are attached to the draperies. The draperies used on this type of drapery rod are most often pinch pleated draperies.    This type of drapery rod is available in single and double combinations.

The Bay Window Curtain Rod

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