Choosing Bay Window Curtain Rods

By V Willis


Bay windows are beautiful angular windows, usually associated with Victorian architecture, that makes a natural focal point in a room. To capitalize on the beauty of the window you can layer soft (fabric) window treatments to enhance the angular lines of the bay window. Although bay windows are quite beautiful, they can be a real challenge for the home decorator when it comes to decorating with curtains and soft window treatments.

The decorator must select drapery and curtain rod hardware that is specifically designed for bay windows. The bay window curtain rods and hardware must be functional for the style desired. Quite often bay windows require custom window treatment hardware which can be somewhat expensive. However, there are inexpensive alternatives.

When tackling the dilemma of the bay window treatment. You must first decide on the style of window treatment, whether you want one or two layers of window treatments. The options can be drapery panels and valances, sheers and draperies and any array of combinations. You must also decide whether your window treatment will be stationary or functional with draperies that traverse (open and close).

After deciding the style and type of window treatment, be sure and get the type of hardware that will support that type of window treatment. Choosing decorative drapery rods for a bay window will require a custom window rod installation. However, if you decide to hang rod pocket sheers with a rod pocket valance or any type of rod pocket window treatment, the bay window curtain rods are inexpensive and will create an extraordinarily beautiful bay window treatment.

For an inexpensive bay window treatment. There are several types of rods recommended:


The Adjustable Lock seam Single Bay Window Curtain Rod

The lock seam bay window curtain rod is ideal if you are hanging sheers with a normal 1-1 1/4" rod pocket. The rod is specifically designed for a bay window with three sections and two angles. The left and right sides are 18"-46" wide to support the smaller sides of the bay window. The middle section of the rod is 36"-63"wide.

This adjustable Bay Window Curtain Rod is also available in a double rod to supports curtains and valance or valance and panels. It is an economical solution to the bay window dilemma.

The 2 1/2" Bay Window Rod is perfect for a bay window treatment with a wide pocket. This rod is also an inexpensive bay window rod, if you are decorating your bay window with just a beautiful rod pocket valance.

The curtain or valance must have a 3" pocket (opening) for rod insertion. The curtain rod is 2 1/2" from top to bottom. The sides of the bay window rod adjust from 20-42", the middle section of the bay window rod adjust 38-64". The projection of this rod is 4-6" with a 3 1/2"-5 1/2" clearance.


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