How to Calculate Yardage for Rod Pocket Curtains

By Vee Willis

After you have taken the measurements and determined the finished width and length of your rod pocket curtain, you should select your fabric.  This is important because fabric widths vary.  Now we are ready to calculate the amount of fabric needed to construct the rod pocket curtain.

Determining the Cut Width of fabric

1.  Take the finished width of the curtain and multiply that times the fullness (generally 2-2 ½ times).  This number will equal the facing flat width.
Example 100” x 2=200 (assuming we want 2 x fullness) Facing flat width= 200”

2. Take the facing flat width and add 7” for the returns. The returns are the sides of the curtains that go back to the wall.  The returns are usually 3 ½"each side.  This number will equal the true flat width. 
Example 200” +   7” (assuming we have 3 ½” returns on each side) True flat width =207”

3. Take your true flat width (207) and add 4” per panel for a 1” double fold hem on each side of the panel.
Example 207”+ 8” (4”each panel) =215” Cut Width

Determining How Many Width of Material
1.  Take your cut width and divide it by the fabric width.  This number will equal your width of material (pieces of material)
Example 215” divided by 54” (assumed width of fabric) =3.98 or 4 (rounded to whole number.  Thus the width of material (WOM) is 4.

Determine the Cut Length of fabric
1. Take the finish length of the rod pocket curtain and add bottom hem (double for most fabrics) 8”.
Example Finish length =85” +8”=93”
2. Add for rod pocket (casing) and heading.  The casing is equal to the diameter of the rod plus ½” to turn under and add ¼” to 1” for ease.
Add 1” for heading (assuming we will have a 1” heading on our rod pocket curtain)
Example 93” +1 1/2” + 1” = 95 ½” cut length of each width of fabric.

Total Fabric Needed
1. Take the WOM multiplies by the cut lengths.  This number will be the fabric needed.
2. Take the fabric needed and divide by 36.  This number will give you the yardage of fabric needed to complete you rod pocket curtains.
Example 4 X 95 ½ = 382 divided by 36= 10.61 round up to 11
Always remember to round up to the nearest whole number.
Thus, we will need 11 yards of fabric to construct the curtain in this example.