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The articles and information on this site will primarily focus on designing window treatments and home fashions. Some of our articles and design projects are for an experienced seamstress, while other articles , such as how to make a Sunburst Curtain ,are better suited for less experienced and beginning seamstress. We will also feature articles and make suggestions on interior home improvements.

Check out our article on "choosing the right drapery hardware." It explains the basics of curtain and drapery hardware

Our goal is to be a resource for those who plan to do their own home designing and decorating and also a resource for those who are searching for companies and products to assist them in their home interior decorating and improvements efforts.


Curtains or Draperies?

A curtain is a piece of fabric hung in loose folds to cover a window or area of a window.  Heavier fabric graciously hanging at a window is referred to as a drapery.  The term was derived when curtains where hung from the top of a window and allowed to drape in a pool of fabric on the floor.   The term curtains and draperies are used interchangeably today.  However, window treatment professionals scorn the word "curtains" even though the term curtains seems to be used more often outside of the window treatment profession.

From my perspective, I will explain it this way, soft window treatments that are made from formal heavy woven high quality fabric that touch or drape the floor are still referred to as drapery. Soft window treatments that are made from lighter weight inexpensive fabrics that extend to only a portion of the window  are often referred to as curtains, and both are referred to as  soft window treatments. 

Curtains and draperies are beneficial to us in that they create privacy, conserve energy and block light.  An insulated drapery that can open and close will create the privacy we desire in the evening and allow ample sunlight to shine through during the day.  It will lower our heating and cooling expense as well as conserve energy and best of all curtains make a window more esthetically pleasing to the eye and décor of the room.  

Windows are the eyes of our homes and a well dressed window with curtains or draperies will give us the peace, calm, and harmony that we are all attempting to achieve in this journey called life.
Choosing the right style, color and texture of curtains are always somewhat of a challenge.  However, it has been my experience that determining the style of curtain seems to be less of a challenge than determining the color/ shade.    It is safe to go with the predominate color in the room or a hue of that color and believe it or not that is usually our favorite color.